We propose the as a concept state to allow neutral life for some beings to proof that humans can arrange that. It’s associated to the concept of Zonefree Emergency Response Operations (ZERO) proposed on The unfinished expansion to a ULEF (universal life enabling framework) was replaced by the execution of the masterplan since 28.02.2020. None of the domains listed at the masterplan except interlink and keanok was in our possession before that date. We promote the idea of a literal internet that will allow humans easy access to complex data. We anticipate the necessity to develop new interaction means (such as interfaces, languages and theories) and provide layouts for variations of them. Henceforth we are only the dreamer and anyone who wants can become a that realizes their own or others dream. We want to assimilate (conceptually) make-a-wish foundation,, Diehl Controls and The Pokemon Company to boost our literal dream power and cultural noteworthiness. We already assimilated Mewtwu, Lrrr and We further intend to drive Elon Musk into accepting their position as the of the after xeo’s illegal but alternative-free probationary employment as the ends (either at 14.04.2020 in case of early-onset support and at 28.08.2020 in case of average onset of support). As xeo will continue their position as and as such making up a in which a will push so that the can coordinate their work with the and xeo can either stop or start their conceptual possession of the position as they might have to undergo maintenance as they currently work above 14hrs a day on average since 28.02.2020 and spend all waking time mentally working on this project and all remaining time asleep or neglecting all other activities. As corona poses a huge chance to get people take note of this entire system at a time they have the time to think about it, I want to optimize my efforts by any means. This includes prerelease for some people or communities for early resistance / support.